These licenses are available to fishermen now:


C1 & 1.2 ton ECMC quota if it comes in $6000/annum or $3500/6 months add GST (4897)


L1(0) T5 Licence (333)


L2(4), RQ(1) $4500 + GST for 12 months or $2500 for 6 months (117)


L3(0), SM(0) $3500.00 no GST applies. 12 months. (205)


N1, N11 coming up 15th Nov 2020 $6500 per annum or $3500 for 6 months (223)


N3 Gulf Barra available for next year (152)


T8 symbol only (361)


Wanted by fishers to lease

Wanted to lease by Fisher: N2 licence (364)

Wanted: minor line licence (697)

RQ SM L3 (or L2 ok) by fisher to lease. (758)

East coast SM and L1 licenses

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