Salt Water Solutions

NT Mollusc licence. From the Western Australia to the Queensland border. (558)

The licence is available for sale or lease.

Also we are open to working with people who would be interested in working this licence. The products are highly valued and easily marketed. Very generous terms available.

Harvest Products:
o Northern Abalone
o Black-lip and milky oysters
o Scallops
o Bailer
o Turba n
o Trumpet
o Trocha
o Mussels
o C ockles/pipi’s
o Venus clams
o Longbums
o Periwinkle
o Man grove Mud Clams
o many others

The licensee is entitled to operate only within the following area
Within the littoral zone seaward of the coastline between Western Australian border, eastwards to
the Queensland border including Groote Eylandt and surrounding islands
Nothing in the licence or these conditions shall diminish the licensee’s responsibility for obtaining
any necessary approvals from land owners to transit through, or operate the licence within the
above area

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"Keep it wild, keep it local"

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"Keep it wild, keep it local"

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