Brine and snap coils for sale. Make an offer

Contact Terri or Scott 0437 227 727


Aquila Seafood Pty Ltd

  • Buying Fish Swim Bladders (Jewel , Black Jew Fish, King Salmon and Barramundi)
  • Fast payment by any methods – beaten any price
  • Professional and high quality service
  • Long term needs  

                Peter  M: 0434 526 789


Nets for sale

Contact Selwyn on 0408 799 795:

L6- 2inch- 100 meshes deep- 200 metres long.

Brand new never used. I purchased from another fisherman.

Price: $900.00

L18-5 inch- 50 meshes deep- 200 metres long.

Brand new never used.

Price: $1200.00

L24- 4 1/2 inch- 33 meshes deep- 200 metres long.

Used twice perfect condition except it does have a hole in the middle of the net.

Price: $1000.00


Focus on Bladders 
Focus on jewel and black jew fish swim bladders, better price, immediate payment, long term demand.
Jewel fish Bladders:
                over 120g $600.00/kg
                over 150 g $700.00/kg
Company: Inter Continent Trading, 
Please call: 
0481 941 654,


Stainless steel

net reel and spacer. Free delivery

Contact Robert on 0427373844 with offers

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