Symbols (note: some licence holders are willing to split symbols off. If you are looking for a symbol that is not in this section, please go to the 'licenses for sale' section and call if there is something there you need)

For sale:

L1(0):$6K + GST Neg (45)

L1(1) $5500 + GST Neg (229)

L3(0): symbol. All offers considered. (209)

L3(1): and/or C3 all offers considered (216)

L4(3): $10,000 + GST Negotiable (467)

SM(2) $24K, gst does not apply: Negotiable (687)

RQ(0): $10K + GST (181)

RQ(0):$9500 + GST Neg (229)


N2: $100K + GST (57)

N2: $95K + GST (165)

N3: $50k + GST ono (64)

T5 $25K + GST (194)

T9 $9K + GST (487)

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