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For sale:

C1 symbol $20k+GST (Neg) (8324)

Norhtern trawl units for sale, various amounts please enquire (764)

L2(5), RQ(6), SM(5) licence  for sale. Passing on all offers, please call Rob (647)

1000 Units BM4 for sale $13k+GST/Unit (Negotiable) (927)

2000 + Kg BM3 for sale $15+gst (Negotiable) (8339)

C1, C2, L3(0), N11, N2, S for sale, inviting offers. (2271)


KT & KT units all areas wanted: Top offers (up tto $20+/Kg) waiting  (8323)

S symbol only wanted (18306, 8343)

N3 symbol only (796)

L4 symbol only (1261)

N3/primary (3193)

RQ(4) symbol (673)

RQ(1) symbol (8344)

We want your SM, CT, OS and RTE quota in any amounts. Buyers waiting

We need as much quota (for lease) as possible; urgent for ENL quota for Jan 2022. Lease your quota on consignment for a modest rate of commission. Please call for more information. 




C1 symbols to lease and/or purchase

N2, S licence wanted by commercial fisher to lease (187)

N1, N11 licence wanted (8332)



C1 Licence and 1200 Kg for Jul 1 22 $6500+GST

C1, C1 licence and quota EC1 quota package available soon. Please call with EOI price discount for payment up front (3988)

C1 licence/ Quota paackage available for lease from 1/7/22 onwards. Licence and 3 ton EC1 available for $11,500.00 + GST / annum. (full payment up front) (2076)

L1(1), L3(1), RQ(1), SM(2) full licence. Owner wants it fishing, please call for price. (238)

C1/Primary available for lease $4000+GST 12 months. Can supply quota (792)

C1/Primary for lease $ Negotiable+GST. (210)

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