Licenses for sale or wanted (all listings here include the primary):

Call 0427 373 844

For sale:


Primary L3 (1) $14500.00 + gst (129)


Primary L3 for sale $13500.00 (29765)


C2, L2(3), RQ(0) licence for sale: $30k Neg (712)


Licence/quota package: Primary, L3(0), SM(0), N11 & approx 1470 units of SM Quota $52k neg, no GST applies (681)


L1, L2, RQ(1), T1, Will separate the T1. $34500 + GST Neg. (394)


For sale: L2(1), RQ(1), SM(1) N11 Licence $55k + GST Neg (214534)


Shark Cat 560/General Areas A1 Aquarium licence Price reduced: for more details please follow this link: (236)


L1(1), L3(1), N1, N11 licence. Proposed allocation Zone 6: Grey Mackerel 3900 Kg, School Mackerel 6,400 Kg, King 2800 Kg, Whiting 9000 Kg (Weights are rounded). For sale as a package after the allocation. Please call to discuss (338)


L4(1), L3(1), N11 $33k + GST neg. Licence is under a lease contract that would transfer to the new owner by adustment (176)


For sale, N3 Gulf Licence $65k (no gst applies) (395)


Gulf Barra $75K + gst neg (208)


TS Trawl licence; 124 nights will consider leasing (207)     


L2(3), SM(3), RQ(3). Approx Quota holding: CT 9 ton, RTE 8 ton, OS 6 ton, SM 1500kg. To be sold as a package. (533)


Beach Worm area 1operating north of Caloundra, includes truck, vendor willing to introduce customers and help get the new owner going, asking $75K no GST applies (52)


W2 licence for sale or lease: Looking for Expressions of Interest. (684)


Licenses wanted to buy:                                                                                  

Wanted to buy: Coral Licence with quota (699)

C1 licence (256)

Primary and RQ (separately OK, please call to discuss (663)

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