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For sale:

For Sale: F (Shell), L1(0), L3(0), RQ(1), T1 (394)  The shell fishery consists of all tidal waters and foreshores and is based on the collection of shelled molluscs (many species) for ornamental trade. It is designated by the fishery symbol F. Only molluscs may be taken under this licence. Green snails, oysters, pearl oysters, trochus and scallops are not permitted under this licence. There are only 2 F symbols


Shark Cat 560/General Areas A1 Aquarium licence for more details please follow this link: (236)


L1(1), L3(1), N1, N11 licence. Proposed allocation Zone 6: Grey Mackerel 3900 Kg, School Mackerel 6,400 Kg, King 2800 Kg, Whiting 9000 Kg (Weights are rounded). For sale as a package after the allocation. Please call to discuss (338)


Crab licence 4.5 ton proposed allocation (Gulf mudcrab) available $30/kg + gst plus licence (203)


For sale & willing to lease L1(0), L2(1), RQ(1), SM(3) $51k + gst (107)


L3(1) $16500.00 + gst (15)


For sale Gulf Barra Licence, $65k + gst ONO (395)


N10 licence for sale @ $75K or will lease $4500k per year no GST applies (288)


TS Trawl licence; 124 nights will consider leasing (207)     


L3(1), SM(2), $39K (no gst) (15)


L2(3), SM(3), RQ(3). Approx Quota holding: CT 9 ton, RTE 8 ton, OS 6 ton, SM 1500kg. To be sold as a package. (533)


L1(1), L3(1), RQ(1) C2 & C3, + quota: 800 CT units, 1100 OS, 400 RTE asking $55k neg (365)


Beach Worm area 1operating north of Caloundra, includes truck, vendor willing to introduce customers and help get the new owner going, asking $75K no GST applies (52)


Licenses wanted to buy:                                                     


Wanted to buy: L4 symbol or L4 licence (73)



 Coral licence and quota (631)

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