Current at 16/04/2021

NEW LISTINGS (listed in the last week or so)

For Sale: 5000 units CT (used) $25+gst/Unit (111)

Wanted to purchase: L1 symbol (794)

Wanted to purchase: SM symbol (795)

Wanted to purchase: L1 tender only (80)

For sale: Gulf Mackerel Licence 2 x N3. Significant offshore history: $200,000.00, no gst applies negotiable (793)

Available for lease: SM symbol only $436/month including GST (800)

Available for lease: C1 licence from end June on, please call for rates post Quota (3786)

Call Robert Pender on 0427 373 844  robertpender@saltwatersolutions.net.au 

SALTWATER ON LINE.  Go to Saltwater On Line to lease quota, publish your own listing and check out current lease rates.

Quota lease prices/KG add GST

Coral Trout: 57c. (ask for bulk discounts)    Other species: 30c.   RTE: 15c.    Spanish Mackerel: 60c.    East Coast Trawl Effort Units: 85c.    Spanner Crab: $3.00.   

Coral (other) $7.50    Coral 1/3 specialty and 2/3 other: $25k /ton (Please call)

You can lease quota on-line here

Saltwater On Line: to publish your listing on this notice board, go to SALTWATER ON LINE and submit the details. 

10. Wanted: Live razor clams and fish bladders to buy, Ben Ph 0450 108 818

9. For Lease: Gulf Barra N3, Mud Crab C1 available for this year 2021. $8,000 + GST Matt ph 0429438381

8. Wanted: East Coast Area 4 Barramundi and King Threadfin salmon quota. Ph. 0427713445

7. Wanted to buy: zone 4 barra and king quota will re lease back to fisherman. Also have fish quota in other zones for sale/lease. Phone 0439 513 692

6. Looking to lease an N2 symbol or whole licence, would look at long term lease for a license with reasonable fish quota for area 4,(24.5) Phone Ben on 0400 872 905

5. SOLD PR Licence / TS Torres Straits Entitlement and 179 nights. Get your listing on here 

4. SOLD: RQ(0), 4000 OS, 2500 RTE for lease as a package. Get your listing on here

3. LEASED: N3 Gulf Barra for 2021 season $7200 Ph Barry 0429 070 940

2. East coast effort units for lease $1 plus GST. Same day transfer Ph Greg 0428 881 240

1. Wanted: 4 ton of Grey Mackerel Quota to Lease by fisher for Mackay region. Very willing to meet the market price when the time comes, whats out there?. Ph Josh 0417 987 893

Recently sold via Saltwater Solutions

SM Licence,   C1 symbol.   N3 licence.   C1 Symbol,  C3 symbol.  SM Licence.  CFL: RQ(0), L3,(0), L1(1).    C1 symbol.    C1 symbol.     3000 Units OS.    Gulf Barra Licence.    1150 T1 EU.    2000 Units OS.    N3 Licence.   C1 symbol.    500 OS Units.   T9 symbol.    1700 T1 EU.   CFL: RQ(5), L2(5).   C1 symbol.    C1, L3(1), RQ(1) Licence.     1000 Units SM.    3 x Oyster areas and licenses.   CFL L3(1) Primary.    Gulf Barra Licence.    L1(0) symbol.    L1(1) symbol.    CFL: L4(0).    1000 CT units.   11000 CT Units.   2200 RTE Units.    3200 OS Units.   1800 CT Units.     SM symbol.    CFL  L3 Primary.    Gulf Barra Licence.     N11 symbol.    CFL L3 Primary.    5000 SM Units.    3000 OS Units.    N11 Symbol.    1000 CT Units.    CFL:L2, RQ, L1.    SM symbol.     4000 OS Units.   4000 RTE Units.    Gulf Barra and crab licence.  C1 licence.   RQ, L2 Licence.....

Assisting with forward contracts for swapping (not selling) proposed quota. Please enquire.

Currently managing over 40 CFL leases with a range of payment options to suit various requirements.

Always selling boats. Always doing up new lease agreements.

Don't forget to check out the tabs at the top of the page for a detailed list of items wanted and for sale. 

Quick Links: Lease quota here     BoatsOnline    

Prices are subject to change without notice, may be subject to GST and FQ licence fees may apply in part. 

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