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125 7 dory/ mother ship Live Trout operation.

Price AU $480,000 Excluding Duty/GST

AU $480,000 Excluding Duty/GST
Commercial fishing operation for sale walk in walk out. $480K
Will split (GST would apply)

HOME PORT : Mackay

LENGTH : 18.56m
BEAM : 6.03m
DRAFT : 3.1 m
BUILDER : Kali Shipyard
PLACE : Port Adelaide
DESIGN / STYLE : Raised foredeck ex Spencer Gulf trawler
DESIGNER : Kali Shipyard
CLASS : USL Class 3B for 8 crew
: USL Class 3C for 9 crew
REGISTRATION AUTHORITY : Maritime Safety Queensland

Construction Details

Hull Welded steel plate hull in a hard chine form. Steel reported as 6mm.
Raised foredeck with a raked bow fitted with a bulb and transom stern.
Bulkheads 4 x watertight steel plate plus the bulb bow compartment
Stringers As chine and hull form. Internal structure (tanks) also contribute to internal support
Frames 75 mm x 75 mm x 6mm @ 1000mm
Deck Welded steel plate of 6mm
Deck Beams 75 mm x 50 mm @ 1000 mm
Superstructure Welded steel plate. Lower section 6mm and the upper section 4 mm
Windows Toughened glass in alloy frames
Ventilation Satisfactory natural and forced air conditioning
Handrails Steel tube pulpit, lifelines & stanchions
Freezer - 1 400 carton freezer & storage - can be expanded to 800 carton
Freezer - 2 Snap Size 50 cartons
Live Boxes 4 with a total catch size of 3300 fish approximately
- 2 x main tanks built in
- 3 x Quarantine tanks on aft deck (poly plastic)

Fuel: 8 x steel tanks from forward to aft
- Total Capacity - Approximately 30,000 ltrs
- * 4 tanks in currently in use - 15,000 ltrs
- * 4 tanks not in use - 15,000 lrs

Water: 1 x steel double bottom tank aft of the bulb compartment
- Total Capacity - Approximately 5,600 ltrs

Petrol: 1 x alloy tank on the upper deck forward end of the awning
1 x Alloy tank on Rear Deck
- Total Capacity - Approximately 4,000 ltrs

Other tanks:
- Hydraulic tank for steering system 60 ltrs
- Hot water tank in the engine room

Steering Equipment
Primary Single wheel in the wheelhouse with power assist from the (new) PTO take off on the front of the main engine
Secondary 240v pump (2nd primary system)
Emergency Tiller arrangement
Rudder Steel
Power assist Hydraulic from PTO and 240v power pump
Ram Seals Twin rams
Inner Seal Stuffing Box

Ground Tackle
Primary 1 x Dreadnought with 20mm galvanized chain rods
Secondary) 1 x 60lb Plough 150m 24mm Rope
Windlass 3 phase electric motor with dog clutch to gearbox

Focsle - Port & starboard cabins
- The port cabin has 2 single berths on upper and lower bunks
- The starboard cabin has a double lower & a single upper aft to crew mess
Deckhouse Accessed from a ladder in the galley and mess area abaft the cabins it is also accessed from the upper deck from the port & starboard side. Skipper's cabin & office located behind, plus 1 x upper & 1 x lower berth
Washroom Accessed from the aft deck
Aft cabin 1 x upper & 1 x lower berths, this is behind the washroom

Main Engine Yanmar 6HA2M-WDT 405MHP @ 1950RPM Yanmar Diesel Engine
Engine Hours 1200 hours
Exhaust system Dry to stack
Gearbox Twin Disc MG514 M with forward and reverse 6:1 reduction
- Rebuilt - March 2021
Controls Electric
PTO take off Front of the main engine
Alarms All new with new main - March 2021
- Oil pressure gauge & light
- High water temperature gauge & light
- Gearbox oil pressure gauge
- Gearbox oil temperature gauge
- Alternator gauge 24v
Panel RPM (digital)
Al arm buzzer
Alarms Oil/Water/Alternator/ Murphy switch gear on header tanks
Propellers (in nozzle)
Shaft seal Stuffing box
Auxiliary/s 2 x John Deere 6068T 266 HP / 120KVA Continuous duty, Keel Cooled with
murpy shut down system, 4pole 1500rpm 415v/3ph/50hz
Engines (purchased 2013)

Refrigeration 1 x Bock 5 415v compressor
1 x New Marine water cooled condensing unit and equivalent
evaporator for (4 tonne holding room)

Electrical Supply
Circuits 12v DC/ 24v DC & 240v AC/ 415v AC
Switchboards Combination of circuit breakers & fuses
Batteries 4 x Motor start 24v DC
4 x House 24v DC
2 x Radio 12v DC (with secondary regulated 240v power supply)

Charger 1 x hard wired "Delta-Star" & 4 x portable 240v chargers
Alternators 1 x main engine 24v
1 x on each auxiliary engine (150 kva and 150 kva)
Other Regulated power supply in skipper cabin

Plumming Arrangements
Bilge (1) 415v 3 ½ " Ebara Pump
(2) 240v 2 " Fire & bilge
(3) 24 v Rule 3700 Gph
Bilge suction Individual valves to each compartment
Alarm High bilge water level
Deck wash Lowara 240v AC
Fresh water Domestic 240v pressure pump
AC condenser Ebara / Lowara
Live Pumps 1 - Lowara SHE4 8200 (160,000 l/h) new 2021
2 - Lowara SHE4 8200 (160,000 l/h) new 2021
3 - Lowara SHE4 8200 (160,000 l/h) new 2021
4 - Ebara suction pump
5 - Ebara spare suction pump
Lights Domestic & navigation new 2021
Flood lights (1) 3 x mercury filament new 2021
(2) Various down lights

Charts Paper for the local area & some coastal regions
Electronic (1) C-Map
(2) TMQ C-Plot
(3) Lowrance 16 Hd Carbon C-Map

Publications Tide tables
Vessel manuals

Compass Neptune (Norway)
Barometer Schatz
Radio HF Icom M710 with an AT130 auto aerial tuner
Radio VHF Lowrance wheel house, Icon Back deck
Satellite phone Iridium GO Marine Bundle (purchased Jan 2022)

GPS/Plotter (1) Computer based
(2) Raytheon RC620
(3) Furuno GP31
(4) Lowrance 16 HD Carbon
Radar Furuno 32 mile unit

Auto pilot TMQ AP-4 with rudder angle indicator
Sounder Lowrance 16 HD Carbon
Desktop Pentium 4 processor
Radio/cassette/CD none

Domistic equipment Microwave (New April 23)
Domestic refrigeration (New May 23)
Domestic freezer
Double sink
Galley appliances
Electric stove with 4 burners & grill & oven (New Jan 24)

Other Tools & spares
Flood lights (1) New led lights 2021
(2) Various down lights
1 x Clear-view screen
Snorkelling & Hooker dive gear
Flat screen Television
3 x O2 fish bottles "G" size
RDF unit

Life Saving Appliances
Life jackets x 10 - Solas - life jackets (current)
Life raft x 1 - RFD 12 person SEASAVA (serviced Nov 2021)
Parachute flares x 6 - (current)
Hand flares x 2 - (current)
Smoke flares x 2 - (current)
Life Buoy x 2 - (lights / line)
MOB light x 1
Code flags N & C
EPIRB x 1 - (current)
V Sheet x 1
Sound device Horn
Medical kit Scale F
Fire Appliances
Extinguishers Dry powder - 3 x 4.5 kg
1 x 2.1 kg
1 x 2.0 kg (all current)
Engine room Mistex smothering system (current)
Heat / smoke detectors
Hose Fire / Deck wash hose
Other Fire blanket
2 x S/Steel fire buckets with lanyards

Dories & Outboards
Dory FXAD 1 Reefpro - 5.2 m
Dory FXAD 2 Reefpro - 5.2 m
Dory FXAD 3 Reefpro - 5.2 m
Dory FXAD 4 Reefpro - 5.2 m
Dory FXAD 5 Reefpro - 4.8 m
Dory FXAD 6 Reefpro - 4.8 m
Dory FXAD 7 Reefpro - 4.8 m
? The Reef Pro dories have been built to commercial standard. They have extra flotation built in & are self draining etc

Outboard motors 7 x Yamaha 70 hp 4 stroke - all purchased new July 2023
? The owner has a 24 month change over policy on the outboards

Tow lines Recently inspected
Secondary tow lines full length

Major refit April 2021.
Rebuilt anchor winch new clutch and bearings sandblasted and painted
Rebuilt Anchor, new chain (20mm), new hawse pipe fitted in rope storage compartment sand blasted and painted.
Anchor chain locker cleaned and painted.
New main fitted new engine mounts and Rebuilt gear box. New muffler & lagging.
New steel fuel lines run from tanks to main motor and the 2 auxiliaries.
Replaced or refurbished all seacock valves in engine room. Blanked off ones that were not in use.
Cleaned ingots in bilge compartment. Steamed cleaned bilge compartments & painted
New hinges on engine room door & sand blasted door & painted and fitted new seals
Checked watertight doors.
New hydraulic steering pump at motor engine room & at helm wheelhouse
Fitted new hydraulic hoses from rudder room bulk head engine room to wheel house at helm
3 x new fish pumps fitted to live tanks and deck wash, new valves, new raw pumps refrigeration
New stainless-steel piping all raw water and fish tanks engine room
New Rudder Bearing, Shaft bearing and new packing Stuffing box.
New S/Steel freezer coming fitted
New S/Steel Coming and Hatch fitted front deck rope locker
New S/Steel Coming fitted to Shower access and new door
New S/Steel Air-condition frame fitted
New S/Steel Air vents fitted upper deck and fixed fire air shut offs.
New S/Steel donuts for ropes fitted back deck
New steel floor under shower then concreted fitted new commercial toilet
Fitted Stainless steel ladder to upper deck and hand rail
New seal for snap freezer door
Rewired 240v, 415v, 12v & 24v - under dash wheelhouse
New 3 phase shore power lead
New Magnatron fitted to Radar wheelhouse
New navigation lights & stainless-steel mast fitted roof
New antennas VHF, AM & FM & GPS

Sandblasted top deck, hull, topside, under water and under upper deck fuel tank.
Painted decks, hull, top sides and roof. Painted under petrol fuel tank upper deck
New Skipper's chair in wheelhouse

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Mackay QLD
1980 approximate
60' 11" - 18.56m
Hull Material
Steel Lower section 6mm and the upper section 4 mm
Engine Make

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