Symbols (note: some licence holders are willing to split symbols off. If you are looking for a symbol that is not in this section, please go to the 'licenses for sale' section and call if there is something there you need)

For sale:

Will swap your C1 for 1000kg East Coast quota (762)

SM(0): $18000.00 (6815)

L2(0) $4250 + GST (767)

L3(1) offers please (9428)

L4(3) $20k+GST Neg  (763)

RQ tender: $2750 + GST (632)

N11: $7000 no GST applies (681)

N2 symbol $70k + GST (170)

C1 symbol only. $40k+GST (388)

C3: $600 Neg no GST applies (227)

F (Shell), (394)  The shell fishery consists of all tidal waters and foreshores and is based on the collection of shelled molluscs (many species) for ornamental trade. It is designated by the fishery symbol F. Only molluscs may be taken under this licence. Green snails, oysters, pearl oysters, trochus and scallops are not permitted under this licence. There are only 2 F symbols



RQ Tender Offer is $1000 + GST net to you (4789a)

Wanted: SM tender offer is $1000.00 + gst (251)

L1 please call with your price (747)

C1 symbol only Offer: $35,000 + GST if it applies (738)

East Coast J1 - Trochus shell  and Coral Quota (754)

Want an RQ tender (+1) for your RQ symbol? $2750 + gst or happy to swap something. (123)

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